A Periodontal Specialty Practice with Services in Microsurgery & Implants

In over 4 decades of practice, Dr. Tibbetts’ primary focus has been and continues to be his patients. His long- serving staff brings the same concern. Patients find comfortable, thoughtful and expert care for their periodontic needs from all staff.

Periodontists and Primary Care Dentists

Peridontists complement the work of the primary care dentist. The dentist provides professional care for teeth and dental hygene on an ongoing basis. Periodontists provide expertise, as needed, on the tissues surrounding the teeth – that is, the gums and bone – when these have suffered injury, disease.

Dental Implants

Dental implants – replacing teeth or filling gaps with permanent artificial teeth secured into the bone – are increasingly common as individuals desire to restore full function. Dental Implants give a new sense of pleasure in life. People can eat comfortably, smile easily, and speak smoothly. Dr Tibbetts utilizes minimally-invasive microsurgery in the process – typically resulting in completion within a day, with rapid healing, minimal discomfort, and optimal esthetics.

Advances in the Field

Periodontology, along with dentistry as a whole, has made many advances over the past 50 years. Dr. Tibbetts has both stayed on top of these advances, and in a number of areas -- implantology, microsurgery and aenesthetology -- has contributed to the field based on his clinical practice. Dr. Tibbetts brings a wealth of experience as well as state of the art knowledge. These all contribute to excellent and the most cost-effective patient care.

This Website as Your Resource

Feel free to review the site as it provides a comprehensive introduction to the practice for patients and referring doctors. Questions about periodontia, specific treatment plans, and office procedures are all covered.